Geleza Mreppa 2019



After hitting the upload button wait for the song to get uploaded. waiting time depends on your Internet speed and how big your files are.


Contestants are to adhere to the time of the competition, get to the venue in time and stay for as long as is necessary.
There can only be one winner on the night and the judges’ decision is final.
All the music performed in the competition must be the intellectual property of the contestant, however sampled music is allowed.
Contestants must bring a minimum of three songs to the competition, as should they advance to the next stage of the competition they will be expected to perform different songs.
Contestants will be expected to perform their music live on stage in front of an audience so they must come prepared.
The idea behind the competition is not to prove who is more talented than who but to create a platform for the contestants to showcase their talents in a competitive level, moreover to encourage the culture of learning and getting educated hence the phrase “Geleza Mreppa”
This is an annual competition so contestants are more than allowed to try again the following year, in the unfortunate event of having not made it through.
Contestants must see to it that all the music they will be performing on the competition has very minimal to zero explicit lyrical content.
It is the responsibility of every contestant to have transport to and fro the venue on the day of the competition as well as refreshments and snacks.
Contestants are totally prohibited from taking any sorts of illegal substances (drugs, alcohol, marijuana etc) during or before the competition.
One of the prizes for this year’s competition is a bursary at a business college. Contestants must be prepared to go to school after they win, however should the winner feel that what the college has to offer will not benefit them or they already have higher education and is able to substantiate, it is then the responsibility of the contestant to ensure that they get a suitable candidate to go and fill in their space at the college and Geleza.
Senior Tainment is not in a position to offer anyone a record deal at the moment so winning the competition does not in any way mean that the winner will be signed. We do how ever have an open door policy so the winner will forever be welcome to contact us for any assistance within our powers.
Failure to comply to any of the above written terms and conditions will result in an immediate disqualification of the contestant.