Slim Odie Shoots “Iselesele” Music Video

Slim Odie of “Stolen Property” fame was yesterday shooting a music video for his controversial “Iselesele” hit single.
In the song he features the sensational vocalist Mr Chillax and Vibrant Nigerian rapper Vinnyswagg.  The song was surrounded by a lot of controversy upon its release as there is another Iselesele that was released before this one with Slim Odie and other artists in it but Slim Odie has since explained that the song was registered without his consent and as a result he teamed up with Senior Tainment so they can publish it for him so he can release his rightful song.
“Iselesele is my song and even the people that tried to steal it know the truth.  I will just focus on building my music career and promote my song and avoid negative people and mediocrity..” he said.

The video was shot at Siya Bar, Ngodini and Casambo Lodge by Dj Mnyasa of “The Grind Visuals”

Slim Odie thanked everybody who supported and assisted him with the shooting of this music video. Vinnyswagg, Mr Chillax, Chester (owner of Chillas Corner,matsulu), Sive Mabuza (Owner of Siya Bar), Casambo Team, Senior General (Owner of Senior Tainment) to mention but a few.

Slim Odie says bigger things are coming from his camp and humbly requested people to keep supporting his hustle.


Destro Makhiya Wins Best hip Hop Artist 2018

The young Lyrical Maestro has brought a bit of Silver ware to the Senior Tainment camp.  Destro Makhiya was nominated for Best Hip Hop  Artist and Song Of  Year at the 2018 BFM Awards.

He went in 3rd place for the Song Of The Year category with his Ngyekeni hit single and managed to walk away with Best Hip Hop Artist Award.  In his acceptance speech he stated that this award was for his home town Marite  and the whole Senior Tainment Squad.

We at Senior Tainment are very proud of the victory.  We are equally as proud of our other artist Brailo who was also nominated for the Best Hip Hop Artist Award.

Its A Big Deal



Geleza Mreppa Music Competition 2018..

18 August 2018
Extreme Lounge eMsholozi

Send to of your best singles to seniortainmentsa@gmail.com and cc info@senior-tainment.com or whatsapp them to 0815324531

Also attach a short bio of yourself/group




Glen Duma Matsane, who is well known with his stage name (Brailo) was born in 1999-03-05. He was born and raised in South Africa, Mpumalanga in a Kasi called Game KaMphatseni.

Brailo does not categorize himself as a Hip-hop artist as he feels that limits him, but as a musician as he is a multi-talented young act in the music industry. He is a songwriter/ rapper/ vocalist and a music producer.

The inspiration to write music started at a very early age when he was still at primary school at the age of eleven.

“I fell in love with rap music when I first heard teargas on the radio, I would rap along to K.O (MrCashtime)’s verses. When he spits his lines I would be more inspired and get this burning desire inside me that one day I wish to be like him” he said.

Brailo was not aware as to how much he actually was talented both as a vocalist and a rapper until he started getting all this positive feedback from the public and spectators in every event where he went and performed his music.

He performed for the first time at the school he went to when he was still in grade 8. He was a total nobody at the time but he managed to gather some strength and when on to perform in front crowd he was not even sure would boo or support him, to his surprise the reception of both him and his music was overwhelming.

A few months later and after a couple of performances he had won the hearts of most if not all the students he went to school with. Few more months later he recorded a hit single titled “One Milllion” which gained him even more popularity, to an extent that everybody at the school now called him “Mr One Million”

“Getting exposure at school was I think a subline start as we all know school carries thousands of students so if you can get the support of at least half of them you have a guaranteed fan base for as long you make good music, as we all know that in this industry you are only as good as your last offering.” He adds

The streets were already raving about this young 15-year-old that is rapping wonders on stage. This raised eyebrows to other pit bulls in the local rap scene to pay attention to him and start inviting to most if not all of their events around Game and surroundings. As a result, he found himself performing in big events like Game Invasion, Miss Game, Senior General Birthday Celebration to mention but a few.

It is in these events where he got the privilege to share the stage with industry greats like Sjava, Saudi, Kelly Khumalo, Chomee and Zola 7 among others.

He went to be a guest in community radio stations and other national radio stations such as Ligwalagwala FM where he first went to Hip-Hop Kulture hosted by Mp’s King Of Hip Hop Fortune Ntekati and also went on to be interviewed on the stations biggest show Kusile Mzansi Breakfast where he was hosted by the humorous Dj Madumane

He also participated in a Hip Hop battle on Mpumalanga’s biggest commercial radio station Rise FM hosted by The Big Zill.

In 2017 he entered a competition hosted by Senior Tainment called Geleza Mreppa Music Competition where he became the first runner up.

He won the hearts of the judges there as well, but most importantly he also impressed the founder of both the competition and Senior Tainment Senior General who then called him after the competition and offered him mentorship and a publishing deal. He went on to feature him in and the winner of the competion Destro Makhiya in a single titled “Drama”

Brailo is still focused on his studies at the moment and has dreams of studying towards being a civil engineer.

“I am giving everyone in the industry right now a stern warning that it is only a matter of time until I complete my studies and take over the industry by storm…” He says.

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Geleza Mreppa 2017

Geleza Mreppa Music Competition

This initiative is aimed at unearthing and enhancing raw talent from the townships and nurturing it into recognizable brands. The aim is to run a music competition across all genres and have one winner who will be voted for by the people with oversight from a panel of judges. Artists will send in their demos via email and or WhatsApp from which 10 songs will be selected for the final competition. An event will then be staged where all ten contestants will come and perform their music.
The list will be downsized from ten until we get to the final two from which a winner will then be picked. The voting will be transparent as it will be the audience that will be doing most of the voting.

The date for the competition is 26 August 2017 at Mthimba Tvet .College, Masoyi, Game

• Objectives
• To familiarize the youth with concept of Geleza Mreppa and what it entails.
• To boast self-confidence and morale to the youth.
• To teach them the art of knowing how to work under pressure.
• To unearth and enhance raw talent.
• To show the black child that it is possible.
• To provide a platform for young talented musicians to showcase their talent.